“Ali Ton was the consummate coach on the court as our point guard at Davidson College in the late 1990’s. His work
ethic, his IQ and his unselfishness clearly indicated that he would be a tremendous success story as a coach. He has magnificently fulfilled that expectation. He knows the game and knows how to teach it. You will become more skilled, smarter and a better teammate if you have the opportunity to work with Ali Ton. And, his network and connections in the college basketball world as well as global basketball community are extraordinary as well developed and respected as anyone.”

Bob McKillop

Head Coach, Davidson College; Steph Curry’s College Coach

Ali is an outstanding coach and leader who was instrumental in every facet of our building a championship program. He is smart and creative and will make players better, so he is an ideal mentor or source of information for basketball players who are looking to improve.

Russell Turner

Head Coach, University of California-Irvine; Big West Coach of the Year

Our experience with Coach Ali was awesome. During the recruiting process we felt that Ali was trustworthy, a man of
high character and very knowledgeable about the game of basketball. His insight of the game and ability to let young
men on and off the court put us at ease and we are forever grateful.


I was coached by Ali Ton for one year and in that one year we developed a relationship that extended past my collegiate career. His door was always open and he was honest with all advice he gave me. Ali Ton knows the game very well and can help maximize a player’s efficiency and effectiveness by making small adjustments that he will show you on tape and on the court.

Chris Sengfelder

Current Basketball Player at German Club Bamberg

Coach Ton discovered me when I was very raw player in Belarus and gave me a chance to develop my skills to another
level in the US.

Artstiom Parakhousk

Euroleague Player and 2X NCAA Big West Conference MVP


Coach Ali is the man who helped me understand the importance and benefits of getting a good education while developing
as a basketball player as well. My college experience has been unbelievable so far and coach Ali was there with me through all of it. Such an honor to have a coach who is willing to guide you and help you whenever the help is needed, either on the court or off the court.


Current D1 Player

Coach Ali is one of the smartest guys I know because he examines every little detail, who others might find insignificant,
and gives an edge to his players.

Ioannis Dimakopoulos

UC Irvine, Greek Professional Player